Revolting Classics


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Practical classic cars from the UK and further afield, given a new relevance and extended lifespan using replacement electric power.

In particular, the classic Range Rovers made in Solihull up to 2002, and Series/Defenders and early Discoveries - the vehicles with beam axles are our delight.

We appreciate that some might regard this as heresy - hence an alternative interpretation of our name!

In a modern world with increasingly strict rules on engine emissions surely being able to use these classic vehicles on a regular basis is preferable to either scrapping them, or polluting our planet?

Our selection will favour vehicles which are not unique or endangered species - these belong, in concours condition, in collections and museums.

For those of us who like to get out and use our older motor cars, re-volting a "classic" presents an opportunity to do so with a clear conscience, and zero emissions!



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